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Our classic Die Hard Dice original folding dice tray, with new upgraded velvet. On one side you have a super soft black velvet, and durable PU leather on the other.


• Easy to carry to games, easy to setup, small so it doesn't dominate your table!
• +9 against metal dice damage to wooden tables
• Quiets loud dice rolls on plastic tables
• Keeps dice from flying off the table or hitting your minis
• High quality materials, strong enough for metal dice


This tray has sturdy side walls that you can roll against. We like leave one wall down and side toss our dice into the tray at a low angle so they hit the back wall, kind of like a mini craps table.

Also, the snaps are positioned so you can even fold it up in reverse with the leather side up. Just fold the snaps inward and now you're rolling onto the leather side!


10.5 inches wall to wall when flat, 6.5 inches wide when in "Dice Tray" mode, with 2 inch tall walls. 12 inches at its widest when flat, and the floor is 7.5 inches at its widest when in tray mode.


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Customer Reviews

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Friendliest Interactions

I bought some dice trays during the holiday, fully knowing it would come in late (they had a banner and everything). Items shipped, looked good, and to my surprise, they sent me some extra dice and a hand written Christmas Card. Definitely the friendliest interactions I've had with a company in a long time

Nicely done.

I got this in the mail a day in advance plus an unexpected free dice set. It holds up quite well and transitions from tray to flat with very little effort. Can't wait to put it to work with my metal dice sets.

Portable, Convenient, Durable, The Bearer of Dice Most Metal!

You can use metal or polymer dice on this. This tray has SERIOUS shock absorption which dampens any dice roll. If you were able to roll a die and consistently get 5-8 tumbles a roll, this tray will reduce it to 1-3 tumbles. The polymer dice get dampened the hardest since they lack the momentum. But the metal dice will tumble 3-4 times before they are done. This is partly due to the walls, but mostly due to the shock absorption of these trays. This can be good or bad depending on what you're looking for. If you're looking for more bounce, I'd recommend their Die Hard Gaming mats. Those mats have the opposite affect and add bounce.

-Velvet interior looks great and protects dice
-Leather Exterior adds friction to most surfaces you put it on, so the tray holds still during rolls
-Reverse-able sides
-Gives '+10 cursed dice resistance' by keeping your dice from falling on the floor
-Strong Shock Absorption

Potential Con:
-Strong Shock Absorption (I personally like how it dampens the rolls. But if that's not for you, check out their gaming mats instead)

Quality product 5/5

Awesome Product

The dice tray quality is top notch. I really appreciate the personal note and extra gift that came with the delivery! Given the great experience I plan to come back here for my next die set and I suspect the other gamers in my group will too after the see my new load out! Thank you!

Top notch!!

Top notch!!