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Introducing our newest Scroll of Rolling, featuring artwork by the fantastic Deven Rue!

The Dual Scroll of Rolling is a portable hybrid of a rolling tray and dice storage in one snazzy package. The smaller zippered pouch can hold 2 full 7-piece dice sets and comes with a removable foam to help keep your dice padded and cozy. The larger zippered pouch has 3 plastic containers to store dice or minis. When not in use, the scroll is rolled up and secured with two straps, ready to await your next adventure!


• Printed with artwork by Deven Rue
• Smaller storage compartment holds 2 metal dice sets (includes foam insert)
• Larger storage compartment comes with 3 clear storage tubes that can hold dice or minis
• Compact when rolled up for easy transportation and storage
• Easily fits in a backpack


$29.95 $24.95

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Customer Reviews

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Quite good overall.

My scroll came in good condition, the seams were well sewn and the map/treasure pattern on it didn't seem to have any chips or flaking, the buckles don't seem to be pulling from the straps either. The interior is smooth and velvet like, and exterior is leather-ish. There is sufficient space to place likely four total sets of dice, one on the small end and three on the large, though I have yet to try filling it completely.

I have two complaints though they are very minor. One, on the large side there is three canisters (clear tube with black caps) as if to hold a set of dice each or to hold the shape of the scroll but only one can barely fit a whole set. If you remove the canisters it should easily fit more or freely mix the contents of the canisters. Personally I'd like it to be a bit bigger on both ends, but thats just me. Two, it has a bit of that plastic smell that fake leather has, not terribly overpowering but if its something that bothers you, you might wanna air it out a day or two.

Overall I'm happy with the purchase and will be buying from them again soon.


I have yet to use this in a game but I've unrolled it and rolled dice on it, and it's just beautiful. Well made, lovely space to store dice and lovely to use. Definitely worth buying.

Amazing Company!!

I won't order from anywhere else, great quality, great personal touches and great company! It's like Christmas everytime I receive a order from them! Thank you for all you do as a business!!!

Love it

Reduces the huge amount of stuff I have to get out before DMing a session by having an unobtrusive dice tray you can still place books on, a base amount of dice and the players' miniatures all in one. 10/10 what I needed.


I've loved both the scroll and the dice! They are great quality and amazing visually! Can't wait for my first game coming up!