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$9.95 $5.00

Receive a random polymer set or Adventure Pack from across the history of Die Hard Dice- or even an unreleased Avalore set!

Many heroes crave the random loot of the monsters they slay, and the Dice Goblins of Castle Die Hard are no exception. Having found an amazing treasure trove spanning all of the conquests of our storied history (plus some secrets yet to be revealed to the world!), we present to you a random set curated from our pile of treasure!

New Dice, New Price!
Mystery bags now contain one random polymer set worth $7.95 or more with a chance to receive an unreleased, discontinued, Avalore, DHD Original, or old school adventure set!




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Customer Reviews

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All beautiful, great quality

I grabbed 10 while there was a sale, they sent me two more, almost all were unique sets and they're all gorgeous! Maybe as feedback for bulk buys on mystery bags, have the sets of dice in smaller dark packages on their own, rather than clear plastic packages, and then in the bigger dark bag, just to not make it as wasteful and not as much to be thrown in the bin.

Excellent, and consistently so!

I ordered a few mystery bags for myself and my party. While I haven't yet had the chance to deliver their bags to my friends, I couldn't help open the one I got for myself. I was really pleased to find it was a set I already had my eye on, Glacial Moonstone, which I believe is a fairly recent addition to DieHard's inventory.

Love their products, and their service is excellent, personalized, and very caring.


Mystery Bag



Amazing quality

I bought 5 of these mystery bags and I love all of the dice I revived they look and feel amazing