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Tags:  Acrylic,  Bundle,  Opaque,  Polymer,  Pride,  Rainbow,  Whiteink

Seven great looking sets from our Swirl w/ White collection and a satin-lined velvet bag.

Enough dice to cast "Rainbow Bridge to Awesomeness" at Level 3.

    Red Swirl, Blue Swirl, Dark Green Swirl, Purple Swirl, Orange Swirl, Yellow Swirl, Pink Swirl, all with white ink.


    • Material: Swirled Acrylic
    • 7 piece dice set
    • Standard, 16mm size
    • Numbers painted in white
    • Bundle includes HDP-05 (Red), HDP-04 (Blue), HDP-07 (Dark Green), HDP-03 (Purple), HDP-11 (Orange), HDP-09 (Yellow), HDP-12 (Pink)



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Amazing product... except that some dice have minor defects

    Ok, my yellow d100 as sensible bumps on face 60 due to some white mark, the same color than the number printing color... but I won't really complain other than that. It's only one dice over the 49 I received. 2% defect then. They look really good. Thanks! I'm a die hard fan

    So pretty!

    It's like a dragon horde! The bag is very nice, too. And the one set of dice I wanted to order but didn't because, well, 12 sets was enough, they included as a free gift because apparently they're psionic!

    Great for Gifts

    These were great stocking stuffers for a few kids who went out and bought their own player hand books with christmas money. Even gave 2 sets to older players who's luck immediately changed now that they have dice of their own.

    Wonderful colours!

    The colours are just amazing, so vibrant and beautiful. And best of all: despite my colourblindness (deuteranomaly) I can see and distinguish all of them with ease! The swirled pattern is also really well realised through all sets and dice. Incredibly pleased with the quality and very happy with this purchase.

    The Best

    My second set and wow are they stunning.....can't wait for my third