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Tags:  Acrylic,  Bestseller,  Dark/black,  Goldink,  Marble,  Opaque,  Polymer,  Red,  Rogue

The deep red glow of hot embers amidst the ashen coals at the heart of a campfire. The scorching red light and smoke of dragon flame. The tears of a magma golem. Whatever these RPG dice look like to you, it's probably connected to heat or fury.

Our Red/Black Marble D&D dice set is a great match for all artisans of fire: pyromancers, and wizards, as well as barbarians and rogues as well as any character with a burning inner motivation, whether for vengeance, battle, or dark plans.


• Material: Acrylic swirls of red and black
• 7 piece dice set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers painted in gold
• HDB-34




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Customer Reviews

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RPG Set - Glowing Embers

More than expected

When I placed my order with Die Hard Dice, there was a prompt letting me know that they would send a little extra gift if I left a comment on what brought me to their website to purchase dice. I did, and less than a week later received exactly what I ordered along with a handwritten note and an additional set of dice! They went above and beyond, and I definitely recommend going with DHD whether it's your first time or you're a regular purchasing dice.

Excellent, fantastic, wonderful

The delivery time was really quick, and I really appreciated the extra set of dice thrown in on the house. If I ever need dice again, or someone I know needs dice, I'll be sure to recommend your company to them


They are nice. beautiful color and perfect balanced and in game .... perfect.

I like it

I like them, the first roll I got was a NAT 20