7 Piece RPG Set - White and Black Marble

7 Piece RPG Set - White and Black Marble

Golden letters appear on the face of the solid rock. They say "Roll 20, friend, and enter."

Dark and light gray color swirl together in bold contrast. This set of D&D dice looks like it was hewn out of a mountain side. A good match for a rugged adventurer unafraid of hiking over mountain tops or plunging into deepest marble-walled dungeons.


• Material: Swirled white and black acrylic
• 7 piece dice set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers painted in gold
• HDB-24


7 Piece RPG Set - Void Crystal

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jo Ey

Fantastic dice! They look amazing and they're easy to read. May've rolled a nat 1 on the first time out, but that's just dm's luck.

Andrew Fagant

Everything about these dice are simply fantastic. From the Color to the Feel. I refuse to buy dice from anyone else now.

Rae Montana

I'm not usually one to buy opaque dice, I generally go for the translucent sets, but these were too perfect for my changeling cleric to pass up. The marbled look is lovely, and my set was more of a black swirl instead of a gray (which is perfect, I love it). I was worried at first about the numbers, because the photo makes them look more yellow than gold, but I was worried for nothing! The numbers are painted a lovely gold c:

Aubree Wiley

These ones look exactly as advertised and have so far rolled well for me ^_^ I love them!

Better then I was expecting.

I bought these knowing that an extra set would be sent to me for free but I really wasn't expecting 1 full set for each set that I bought. the die are wonderfully colored and I was pretty lucky in that one of the extra sets were ones that I was planing to buy later down the line. overall extremely happy with my purchase and the lovely latter/post card full of tips.