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Like medieval castles and cathedrals, our Gothica mold features sharp, bold angles with intricate inlaid recesses.


Excellent weight, authoritative feel when rolling
• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Electroplated with "Shiny Silver" plating
• Each face is hand painted with a gorgeous tanzanite transparent polymer that is super hard and durable.
• Standard 7 piece RPG dice set, standard size, sizing details below


All our metal set comes with a protective case with a little foam home for each die so they don't bounce around and scratch each other or other polymer dice.



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Customer Reviews

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Silver Tanzanite - Gemstone Collection

Wrong, but still so right!

tldr: GREAT product, GREAT customer service, could NOT be happier.

I ordered these almost a week ago now along with a 'Dire Tempest Frostbite D20', and can say that the quality and feel are absolutely stupendous.

That said, these are actually a little more purple than blue as they appeared to me in the pics above, so be a little forewarned.

Since I was looking for something more blue-ish in hue (the 'Sapphire' set looked to be a brighter shade than these), I reached out to customer service.

Dayna, the representative that handled my case was more than accommodating! She offered to send me out a different set in exchange, and ALSO sent out pre-paid packaging for the old set so that I could use the tanzanite until my new sapphire set arrived!

That, coupled with the *great* packaging (personal note? Thanks 'Rockin Rina'!), and I can't say that I could possibly be more pleased in my choosing of Die Hard Dice for my new set.

Better than the Best

Seriously the best. Great feel, amazing look, incredibly quality. Will be purchasing another set of metal dice in the future. So happy to buy from people that are putting out the best products with the best customer service ever!

My wife stole them...

My wife laughed at me getting new dice... she used these to roll a new character for a family game... and poof they're no longer mine... Tell me higher praise for these dice, and I'll use it!!!

Absolutely Stunning

I bought this set of dice not long ago and they are just absolutely gorgeous. And the customer service is amazing. Outstanding all around.