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Tales of your heroic deeds spread far and wide! It helps, I'm sure, that most of the tales were written (and performed!) by you. You can't help but draw all eyes to you when entering a room. Your glib tongue can lead to trouble at times, but you back up your words with an incredible combination of flourishing action and mesmerizing charms. The life of every party, you rally your allies and frustrate foes, so in a sense, the whole world *does* revolve around you.

Adventure Packs are designed to provide a themed dice experience. In this case, the Bard has many teal and pink dice, channeling the charisma and presence of a icon. It's showtime


Each pack comes with the following: (please note - the dice are randomly selected by our goblins using colors and styles that fall within the specific class theme. Each pack will have variation.)

1 Metal d20

1 Full 7-piece polymer set

1 7-piece set of random dice (includes d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d%, d20 of varying colors/styles)

1 Small velvet bag that perfectly fits your new rollers



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Wonderful Pack!

Was so excited when these babies arrived, and with a code for two more free D6s!

The variety of the styles is beautiful, and the price is a steal for getting a metal d20 with 3 sets! Highly recommend any of the adventure packs for whenever you roll up a new character.

Love it

I absolutely adore the dice I got. From the complete set to the random selection and metal d20 every dice is absolutely amazing and i love them all.