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Spectral Ancient dice combine a statue-like stony appearance in light conditions, but don't blink! In the dark, these dice glow with phantasmal energies!

These dice look like ghosts or radioactive zombies -- we think you're going to love them!


• Material: Semi-translucent gray glow-in-the-dark resin with an antique finish
• 7 piece dice set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers painted in black
• Die Hard Dice Exclusive


Velvet Dice Bag - Medium BlackVelvet Dice Bag - Medium Black
7 Piece RPG Set - Bone Ancient7 Piece RPG Set - Bone Ancient
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Customer Reviews

Based on 89 reviews
My group loved them!

I bought 5 sets to gift my players for a job well done as we closed out the campaign. After charging these up under a bright light they give off an intense glow that you can see even in moderate lighting. Well made and affordable!

K of the Vol
First dice set

I purchased this set as a gift. I looked up some posts on Reddit to see what brand was recommended for a beginner, and Die Hard Dice rose to the top of the recommendations consistently. The recipient asked me for a cool dice set, so this one fits the bill on account of looking like bone but also glowing in the dark. If you leave them under a light for a few minutes they glow quite brightly for an extended period of time. They all seem well balanced. I made a dice tower to gift with it, and it all came out looking like a Dark Souls set, which was the request. Very pleased with my purchase, and my bonus gift. It came with a nice little postcard too.

Spectral dice are great

Mmm dyc3 glowe in da dark yaye

Declan Galbraith
Exactly as advertised

They work perfectly, not off balanced at all. Glow much stronger than I expected though, which is nice!

Nice Quality

Very nice quality. No mars or plastic flash stubble. Ink in grooves looks solid and even. Average weight for plastic dice, but no complaints. Matches the store picture perfectly. A very nice set nicely themed for DM'ing.