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PLEASE NOTE: All Die Hard metal dice sets come with a free case, so you don't have to buy it separately unless you need to store other dice.

The foam cuts are a little too tight for storing polymer dice, which may be better stored in one of our Velvet/Satin dice bags.


• Fully detachable lid that doubles as a miniature rolling tray
• Protects dice, to help prevent wear and tear
• Foam keeps dice snug and organized

Foam Options

7 Slot Foam - Holds a standard 7 piece set (d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, d20)
11 Slot Foam - Holds a standard 7 piece set, or can be turned up to 11 (Additional d20, 3d6 storage)
12d6 Slot Foam - Holds 12 d6s or other dice
6d6 Slot Foam - Holds 6 d6s or other dice

Please leave an order note saying which foam you would like. If not specified, the 7 Slot Foam is the default.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Good Quality

This dice case in hopes my dice securely and protects them from scratches, it doesn't fall open like other containers I've used either.

Great case

Looks good and does the job. I just wish I'd realised there were multiple designs for the top as I love the main one (centred logo and "Die Hard Dice") but am not a huge fan of the second design with "Die Hard" written in the bottom left. Ordered two cases and ended up with two of those but probably my own fault for not adding order notes.

Worth it.

It's a beautiful case and my Brute Force dice and others fit prefectly. The only issue is that I asked for the 11 slot foam but got the 7 slot. Besides that, it's a handy case that keeps my metal dice safe.

Great Case

Very nice case with protection on all sides. They include a thin layer of foam on the top and bottom. I selected the 12d6 inserts which even has a layer of velvet on top. Fit and finish are perfect. Highly recommended.


Die Hard Metal Case - Black