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Introducing our new Scroll of Rolling, a portable hybrid of a rolling tray and dice storage in one snazzy package. The zippered pouch can hold 2 full 7-piece dice sets, and comes with a removable foam to help keep your dice padded and cozy. When not in use, the scroll is rolled up and secured with two snaps, ready to await your next adventure!


A dice rolling mat that can store a line of dice too!
• Sturdy PU leather
• Looks like a magic scroll when rolled up.


When rolled up, the scroll of rolling is a 10" x 2" diameter cylinder. When unraveled, the rolling surface is 10" x 13".


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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Excellent dice tray

Saw this and had to have it, its excellent, well made and designed. Better still it works exactly as it should and the dice store is awesome!


This scroll is a great addition for any D&D player! DHD has such amazing customer service and their personal touch with each order is second to none. A friend recommended DHD to me, and I know why now! Do yourself a favor and order some sweet accessories or awesome dice from these wonderful people!

What a Great Idea

On the surface, it's merely a small dice bag combined with a leather rolling surface, but I didn't understand how practical this thing is until my son got one, so I picked up one for myself. It's exceedingly clever and I love how it simplifies my equipment. I just grab that cylinder and I'm good to go. It holds two full sets of standard-size dice easily, with room for a couple of extras, so if you need to use more dice than this, then this might not be the product for you. But I found that I'm happier leaving my big ol' dice hoard at home and relying on the basics.

I suppose I'm tempted to dock my review by one star, because one of the magnetic clasps doesn't hold very well, which can be a nuisance at times, but on the whole I'm delighted with it, so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt.


Scroll of Rolling - Black

Great, but needs stronger magnets

I love the style of it and once I saw them, I knew I'd want one. I've put in 2 sets of dice and it's perfect to take with you. Sadly, the magnets aren't quite doing their job and 9/10 times one or both open. The scroll doesn't unroll so it's not really making a difference, somehow it still feels bad though. I'd still recommend it to everyone that's interested, feels so much more better to unroll the scroll than to set up a dice tray.