Scroll of Rolling - Lunar Path

Scroll of Rolling - Lunar Path
Introducing our new Scroll of Rolling - Lunar Path, a portable hybrid of a rolling tray and dice storage in one snazzy package. The zippered pouch can hold 2 full 7-piece dice sets, and comes with a removable foam to help keep your dice padded and cozy. When not in use, the scroll is rolled up and secured with two snaps, ready to await your next adventure!


 A dice rolling mat that can store a line of dice too!
• Sturdy PU leather
• Looks like a magic scroll when rolled up.


When rolled up, the scroll of rolling is a 10" x 2" diameter cylinder. When unraveled, the rolling surface is 10" x 13".

Art by Erika Hill


Metal Case - BlackMetal Case - Black
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
João Pinto

Delivery was perfect, the item was exactly as expected (great quality) and I really appreciated the message (along with the gifts). Thanks so much!

Great for Traveling

It has a low profile that fits in with almost anything and holds two sets of dice with ease. Looks great and works well for why I got it so no complaints.

Feels powerful

I added this to an order recently on a whim after realizing that I had an old discount code to use, and could thereby justify buying more stuff while spending about the same amount. That, and I figured it might be nice for when I use my metal dice on tables not belonging to me. It's really pretty, I love the design on it, I like the way it fastens, it just feels great. I probably won't use the dice storage in it, since I would probably forget which ones I put in there, but I like how it acts as a spool so it always rolls up consistently.

Dee Rusinski
Very nice looking, but has some downsides

The Scroll of Rolling is a really nifty form of dice "box" that can help set you apart at the table. I think it is especially neat considering I play primarily wizards, so it is very thematic. I love the lunar designs in the Lunar Path scroll, and it is also super useful that it comes with a padded compartment, which is perfect for storing a set of gemstone dice, and even has room for one additional d20, which is important for 5e. My primary issue with the roll is that it is hard to get it to stay flat when unrolled. It could use some more weight on the far end to keep the mat flat. Because it is kind of uneven, it can influence the dice rolls with small bumps and "hills" part way through the mat, which doesn't technically mean anything, but it isn't the best. The fabric type on the inside also seems to attract pet hair like no other, even when it is being carefully placed on clean surfaces. Great product though, and the make and manufacture of it are high quality. It looks just like it does online, so that is great. It is a little smaller than I expected, but I actually like that, since it means it isn't eating up a ton of table space.

A Thomas
Reaching for the Moon

This Scroll of Rolling is a great addition to my family's Die Hard collection. I bought it as a gift for my youngest child, and they love it. It has a quality design and construction, and helps keep the table scratch and ding free from the metal dice. I love that it has a pocket to store their dice in, so clean up after the game session is easy and secure - they are very chaotic and prone to losing things, lol. I would definitely recommend this scroll to anyone. The ONLY thing I would say I would like to see as an improvement is if somehow there could be edges to keep the occasional wild roll contained.