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Tags:  Blue,  Chrome,  D20,  Dreamscape,  Holiday19,  Metal,  Mythica,  Shiny

Dire d20 Single d6 11 Piece Set7 Piece Set


Excellent heft, and authoritative feel when rolling
• Solid metal, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Electroplated with a Sinister Chrome finish
• Each face is hand painted with our shimmering icy blue Dreamscape inlay
• Standard 20mm size 20-sided die
• These dice sparkle like dragon treasure



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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
DAMN........ Them Be Some Nice Number Rocks

ordered them, they came. I opened the box, My heart skipped a beat.
I touched them, Tears fell from my eyes. I rolled them, This is what true freedom feels like.

I will never go back, I can never go back. The feel of these dice transcends you're soul to the Euphoria of the Heavens above.
Die hard dice is correct. I did die hard. Harder then any man has ever died, and the reward for that Beautiful death from divinely blessed number rocks was eternal bliss in the ethereal plane that we all wish to explore so much.

Do yourself and your table a favor and make the only worth while investment that you're table top roll playing game will ever need. BUY THESE F***KING DICE.


As always I absolutely love this die. Beautiful color, nice weight

Very nice!

The dice were all high quality and the shipping was extremely fast!

Inner Goblin Appeased!

Excellent dice! Both sets were perfect, the Dire d20s are STUNNING and the scroll of rolling? A legendary item. Came with cute extra holiday goodies! Thank you so so much!

Fits the description

It was not as white as we were thinking it would be. But it is beautiful and my husband loves it.