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Receive a random polymer set from across the history of Die Hard Dice - or even an unreleased Elessia set!

Many heroes crave the random loot of the monsters they slay, and the Dice Goblins of Castle Die Hard are no exception. Having found an amazing treasure trove spanning all of the conquests of our storied history (plus some secrets yet to be revealed to the world!), we present to you a random set curated from our pile of treasure!


New Dice, New Price!

Mystery bags now contain one random polymer set worth $9.95 or more with a chance to receive an unreleased, discontinued, Avalore, Elessia, or a DHD Original!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ben W
Mystery Bags are always fun

I love getting these mystery bags. The thrill of opening it to see wat you git is a pleasant bonus to the superb dice always found inside.

Leah Echols
Love These Dice

I've made two purchases so far and both included a set of the Mystery Bag dice. Both are of very high quality. They roll nice and my order shipped quickly.

Dan Lupo
There are worse addictions to have… right??

As a dm people get me dice constantly. It’s the new ‘gift card’ of presents for me - when people need to get me a gift and don’t know what to go for, it’s dice. I say this to elaborate that I have a plethora of dice. Quite literally I can’t give dice away fast enough. I don’t need more dice, I barely even want more dice. The shiny appeal of custom instagram dice sets has lost its lustre.

The one exception to this rule are die hard’s mystery bags. I see a new season of mystery bags, and I buy them - no questions asked. Is it a gambling addiction? I hope not - but it’s happening either way. I typically do a giant order for a bunch of my players as well, and never is anyone disappointed.

My only saving grace here is that the dice are so reasonably priced that I don’t feel toooooo bad about this complete lack of self-control.

Courtney Smith

My partner recommended diehard to me when I first started playing DnD and I love everything I ordered! They also sent amazing freebies and an adorable post card!

Mystery Fun!

I got three mystery sets and they’re all super cool! I super recommend this!