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Reminiscent of old cemeteries, our new Mythica Dark Iron dice have a delightfully dark but readable appearance.


Excellent heft, and authoritative feel when rolling
• Solid metal, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Electroplated and treated with our "Dark Iron" distressed finish
• Standard 20mm size 20-sided die


Dire d20 - Mythica Dark IronDire d20 - Mythica Dark Iron
Dire d20 - Dreamscape NightshadeDire d20 - Dreamscape Nightshade
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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews

This is a beautiful die. It has a great weight and is of super high quality. Keep up the great work DHD!!

Michel Rivard
My order

Amazing quality and attention to detail

Second time ordering

I first ordered a set of these several years ago but needed some more d6's and a d20. They are still a perfect match with my existing set and rock solid!

Arturs Lescinskis
Mythica Dark Iron

In April 2020, since the Combined Army faction dice got sold out real quick, after spending some time thinking whether I should spend 50 bucks + import tax just on dice, I decided to grab 5 Mythica Dark Iron d20s.

After waiting for approx a month (from USA to Latvia), I received the dice, but two of them looked quite off, so they kindly offered to send a replacement free of charge.

Overall I was quite satisfied with how the dice felt in hand and when rolling. I gave those 5 dice a test run of 2k rolls to see if they are balanced, and was pretty satisfied with the result.

After so many rolls the paint started come off from the edges (this was kinda expected, and it was one of the reasons why I've picked this specific color of dice, as I was anticipating something like this), and turned out that those initial "problematic" dice were no longer an issue.

Once replacement dice arrived, I did another 2k rolls so that new dice would look the same (no longer can find the results of those rolls).

Dice are definitely awesome and were worth the money and all the wait in my case. To be honest I prefer them more now once the pain wore off. Also purchased in December 2021 Combined Army faction dice when they got restocked.

Luke Bernstein
Amazing Quality and Amazing Support!

Not only are all of the dice I got high quality, (especially those of the Mythica series) but their customer support was absolutely amazing. They messaged me a few days after my order that my order had gotten lost while they were busy during the Black Friday sales, and not only were super nice and helped assure me that my dice were on their way, but they even threw in some free dice with my order despite only being a few days late. Absolutely reccommend ordering from them!