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Excellent heft, and authoritative feel when rolling
• Solid metal, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Electroplated with ultra bright "Platinum" finish
• Each face is hand painted with our new shimmering Aquamarine and Amethyst colors
• Standard 20mm size 20-sided die
• These dice sparkle like dragon treasure


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Really nice quality, every dice I have purchased has been excellent, but this one really stands out. Bought this for a player in my game because it matches his character's essence and seeing it in person exceeded my expectation.

A new favourite!

This d20 stole my breath and my heart when it first arrived. It's so gorgeous, and it really shimmers beautifully under the light. Definitely going into my bag of favourite dice, and will be used time and time again in future games!

absolutely love this dice, the

absolutely love this dice, the colors are wonderful and it’s easy to read. wish i could’ve got the whole set but it was sold out and i am impatient to wait for a refill XD

Amazingly beautiful

This die is so gorgeous, the picture doesn't do it justice. I have it sitting on my desk on a piece of sponge. I take it with me everywhere, its my good luck charm. I highly recommend this die.

Super vibrant and lovely

I was shocked by how fast this was delivered, especially since it was such a small order. But it came! And with bonus dice! Thank you so much for the extras <3 As for the Spellbinder D20 itself, it is more vibrant and sparkly than I expected! The colors are brighter than they look in pictures, and the handiwork put into them is very impressive in person. I'm very happy with them!