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7pc RPG Set - Drakona Eldric Cuprum


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Cuprum dragons are rarely seen on the surface world.  They are one of the few denizens of the underdark that prey on the sinister and aberrant forces that dwell in the dark below.  Their territory is a quiet oasis - quite literally.  They permeate a regenerative aura which manifests as a lush undergrowth, including foliage, trees, and water, appearing much as if one had stepped headlong into the Feywild.  Magical items laced with cuprum are said to exhibit similar curative properties, and these great wyrms are often sought to heal that which is thought incurable.


 Copper plating with battleworn, detailed dragonscale inlay 
 Excellent heft, and authoritative feel when rolling
• Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improve rolling, and kindness to tables
• Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Standard 7 piece RPG dice set

Also Available in: 11 piece set, single d20single d10, single d6, and Dire d20Learn more about the entire Drakona family here!


All our metal sets come with a protective case.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tyler Horn
Great dice

Love the look and heft of these dice. Was the perfect first set!

Luke Chesnut

Just received my set of these dice, and they're absolutely gorgeous. The weight is good, the feel is good, and they look amazing. Whether I'm a player or a GM, I'm going to enjoy using this set!

Charles Rothenberger
Drakona Eldric Cuprum

Great quality dice and even better customer service! The folks at Die Hard went the extra mile with my order. I ordered a 7-piece Drakona set and a few additional single Drakona dice to make up an 11-peice set (which was sold out as a set). I requested a 11-dice cutout configuration for the foam insert to the dice box (explaining my intention), and the Die Hard staff went ahead and packed the dice in the box as an 11-piece set, which I was thrilled with. They also included a very generous bonus gift of some of their other dice. And, finally, a very nice personalized handwritten note was also included in the order. All around a great company and a great experience. I highly recommend them as a source of high quality dice.

Taylor Claussen
Simply perfection

The best dice set ever. The design is perfect and the color is even better.

These Dice Are Top "Ptir!"

Got this as my first set of physical dice for my first ever DnD campaign ​with my copper dragonborn fighter "Ptirna'ashtani." Butcher that however ya like, haha! So thematically these dice are *perfect!*

Aesthetically, these are really cool with the scaled pattern and I'm rather fond of copper as a color. I will say that in the lighting of my room (not super bright) and the visual angle of my rolling surface, the readability requires a bit more focus since the contrast of copper on black doesn't pop as brightly as other color combos.

So I've taken these dice rolling for 4 sessions and as far as my novice experience is concerned... These dice are fine rollers. The heft is lovely and the spread of numbers that I've rolled seem well mixed of highs, mids, n lows.

Just last night, in a dire situation with two members floored with I and one other at huge risk of joining them next turn, eyes on the roughed up battle mage... I roll a nat 20. Needless to say I probably woke my whole street up, ahah.

So still on that biased high I enjoyed last night, I came here to finally drop a review.

These dice have the right soul for the story of Ptir. And I look forward to what fate they further have in store for him!

TL;DR: These dice are fantastic and just what I needed!

Thanks, Die Hard Dice!


7pc RPG Set - Drakona Eldric Cuprum

7pc RPG Set - Drakona Eldric Cuprum


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