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7 Piece RPG Set - Sand Ancient

7 Piece RPG Set - Sand Ancient

Our Ancient D&D dice sets are rugged and rough-looking as though they've weathered any storm: natural or arcane!


• Material: Brown resin with an antique finish
• 7 piece dice set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers painted in black
• HDA-06


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Maro Graham

These definitely look... well... -sandy-. That is, dull, matte, textured, a warm tone deeper than ivory. They do not replicate sandstone, but I didn't want them to. These remind me much more of the sand of Boca Chica beach, Texas. Gold of silica, white and pink of pulverized shells, brown of organic material, seaweed, driftwood, alluvium, black of Mexican Gulf tar. I can almost feel these sliding past one another in my hand like sand sifting between my fingers.

Best Service!

Not only did I receive my dice promptly, but DieHard included a handwritten note and a few extra opalescent dice in my order! Fantastic interaction!

Richard Walker³
great dice

Good feeel and roll pretty balanced too


RPG Set - Sand Ancient

Love the company, just one little thing about the Sand Ancient dice...

This was my first time buying dice from Die Hard, and the handwritten note + free extras sold me. I'll definitely be coming back for more dice goblin indulgence.

However, I noticed that with the Sand Ancient dice, the paint that makes them look like they came from Tatooine (love the aesthetic!) rubs off fairly easily. One pass with minimal pressure of the thumb rubs it right off. Not sure if that's a fluke or not, but I'm not sure how they will hold up during regular gaming sessions.

That being said, they still look really cool and have a solid weight to them, similar to the feel of Chessex. Thank you for the awesome dice! Keep up the good dice making and I'll be buying more from y'all soon.