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LifeLink Counter - Corrupted Swamp

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Take command of the table with LifeLink! Forged from metal, this hefty life counter is ideal for your favorite card game or RPG. Thematic colors are available in blue, green, red, white, and violet! Need more than one color? Die Hard Dice has you covered! LifeLink Counters are REMIXABLE! Bound together with a strong magnet, you can mix and match your counters!


  • Easily turns and is held in place with magnets 
  • Plated in sinister chrome
  • Violet gemstone inlay
  • Mix and Match, trade color wheels with friends
  • Comes with 2 Violet LifeLink Counter wheels (right and left) and the middle bridge!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tom E
Awesome counter from an awesome company

I knew what I was getting, I had a couple before this one. The big thing is, I knew who I would get it from. Die Hard Dice is an awesome company run by awesome people. Any time I want something like this? I know where to get it from.

Absolutely fantastic

Shiny, magnetic, and super steady, it's everything I was hoping for.

As Expected - Plus Bonus

The item performs as expected: good heft to prevent it from being easily knocked over, wheels turn smoothly and line up properly.

Aesthetically I wish the purple contrasted more with the dark primary colour scheme; but since the photos showed exactly the unit that I received that is more my problem that the manufacturing.

As always Die Hard Dice goes above and beyond with the additional items they include with every thing I have ever purchased from them. Interested in finding out what those items are? Then I recommend placing your own order to find out how well they treat their customers.

Ryan Harper
Great tool!

I picked this up because I wanted a personal life counter that sat prominently and couldn't get knocked over. This is a very sturdy tracking tool that is very satisfying to adjust. It has a strong click as you roll the wheels owing to the magnets that hold it together very adequately.

Ronald Halverson

LifeLink Counter - Corrupted Swamp Starter Kit

LifeLink Counter - Corrupted Swamp

LifeLink Counter - Corrupted Swamp

Regular price   $39.95 Sale price   $34.95

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