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7 Piece RPG Set - Mythica Absolute Midnight

7 Piece RPG Set - Mythica Absolute Midnight

The Grim Dark calls. In a world where the Dark Lord reigns supreme, fell creatures stalk roads that were once safe, pure waters have blackened, and hallowed groves have become corrupted. This is the age of Absolute Midnight. Will you stand against it?  Or further it's malevolent shroud?

Absolute Midnight is plated in black covered metal and nothing else. Perfect for a game of dark horror, a deadly rogue, elusive assassin, or a particularly black-hearted villain.


  • Tastefully oversized for excellent heft
  • Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
  • Electroplated with black satin finish
  • Softened corners for beauty and improved rolling
  • Standard 7 piece RPG dice set.

Available in an 11-piece set and a Dire d20 as well!



All our metal sets come with a protective case that includes 4 expansion slots to store an extra d20 and 3 more d6s to "turn it up to 11."


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jimmy Bra
Midnight Black

Good stuff. Will slay plenty of obnoxious players with these. Huzzah


Absolutely beautiful set of dice and great customer service.

Gaston R.
I like my dice like I like my coffee... as midnight and crunchy.
Kidding, I don't like coffee, but these dice are exactly what I'd hoped for. Dark and heavy. The legends are legible, even though you might think otherwise. If you've used metal dice before you know they're heavy and satisfying to roll.

And buying dice from this store was, as always, a delight!

Even for me, a customer in Germany, shipping was fair, it didn't take too long and personalized packaging is always a plus.

I love you, Castle DieHard!