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Our Medium Satin-Lined Velvet Bag is 5" x 6.5" (15 x 17 cm) velvet bag is lined with silver satin, features our Die Hard logo in a subtle gray, and can hold up to 10 standard RPG sets.

This is ideal for polymer dice, but for metal dice we recommend our metal case to keep them in tip-top shape.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Sure is a bag.

It’s a nice bag! Not much else to say.

15 Die sets worth of Capacity!

You heard right! I was able to fit 15 whole dice sets in this bag without loosing the ability to close it properly. That's 105 total dice! Though I consider it brimming full at 15 sets, there's ALWAYS room for another d4 ;). But in terms of complete die sets, 15 is the number.

I bought two of these bags since the Large bag was out of stock at the time. The internal satin lining allows the dice to slide right in. The velvet exterior provides good grip and looks great. There weren't any noticeable flaws in these bags, hats off to the good craftsmanship. The strings are stronger than they look and well knotted. When the bag is closed it will not accidentally open, even when the bag is full and upside down! It stays closed until you open it yourself. Since it's a bag, I wouldn't recommend putting metal dice in here (don't want to scrape other dice). But its perfect for polymer dice! If you have 6-15 complete Polymer die sets, I'd highly recommend this bag. Get a bigger or smaller bag in accordance with your collection obviously.

I can't give this bag less than 5 stars. Its exactly what a dice collector needs!


Nice bag, came quick, great little company. Awesome customer service

Looks good, well made

This is one of those products that turns out to be exactly what you want it to be. It looks nice, there are no loose threads or other indicators of sloppy craftsmanship, and the lining and shell materials feel good in your hands. I'm not sure when I'll need another one, but if I do this is what I'm buying.

Very Nice Bag!

Lovely bag, very nice velvet exterior with a smooth interior. I am surprised at the size of this!!! The bag is much larger than I expected, I guess that means I must buy more dice!