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As a holy warrior and symbol of all that's good, you bring justice to those you would otherwise suffer in silence. Sometimes it comes in the form of an inspirational speech, sometimes it's with a healing touch, but most often it's with the smiting sword of vengeance. Evil fears you, and whether it comes from the infernal planes or within mortal hearts, that fear is justified!

Adventure Packs are designed to provide a themed dice experience. In this case, the Paladin has many white and gold dice, providing a fitting match to their purity and righteous indignation. Evil beware!

Each pack comes with the following: (please note - the dice are randomly selected by our goblins using colors and styles that fall within the specific class theme. Each pack will have variation.)

1 Metal d20

1 Full 7-piece polymer set

1 7-piece set of random dice (includes d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d%, d20 of varying colors/styles)

1 Small velvet bag that perfectly fits your new rollers



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Customer Reviews

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Adventure Pack Paladin

I love all the Adventure Packs I got them as gifts for my players. Everyone loved them. They are an excellent value and great fun.

Great gift, Love surprises

I was looking for class themed dice for a gift but couldn’t decide on a set. I found this and decided it was a good fit. My friend who received the gift loves them and plans on buying more in the future. :)