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Receive a random polymer set or Adventure Pack from across the history of Die Hard Dice- or even an unreleased Avalore set!

Many heroes crave the random loot of the monsters they slay, and the Dice Goblins of Castle Die Hard are no exception. Having found an amazing treasure trove spanning all of the conquests of our storied history (plus some secrets yet to be revealed to the world!), we present to you a random set curated from our pile of treasure!

New Dice, New Price!
Mystery bags now contain one random polymer set worth $7.95 or more with a chance to receive an unreleased, discontinued, Avalore, DHD Original, or old school adventure set!



7 Piece RPG Set - Vampire

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Customer Reviews

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Goblin Warlock
Makes me happy.

No matter what you get you get something good. It's like a box of chocolates but it always the ones you like.

Isaac Broadbent
Mystery bag

Loved the mystery bag and the surprise it brings! Great product

Nikodem Rudłowski
Still has not recived the product

Whilst I wish I could give a positive review for the Mystery Bag, unfortunately I still didn't recive the package containing it, as it has been held in Customs for the last 8 weeks. When I do recive the package I will probably very satisfied with the product, and while i do understand that maybe you could have no imput on how long Customs holds onto the package I still can't give any postiive thoughts about the product.

Alissa Freeman

Mystery Bag

Gift for a friend

My friend loved it and the process of buying and whatnot was pretty good, so I'd say they're great and I'd buy from this store again.