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11pc RPG Set - Avalore Mintaka for B Dave Walters

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B. Dave Walters (@BDaveWalters) is a Storyteller & proud Scoundrel American. Best known as the Host and Dungeon Master of Invitation to Party on G4 TV and the Stranger Things one shot for Netflix Geeked Week.

He is the writer & co-creator of D&D: A Darkened Wish for IDW comics, and creator and DM of the Black Dice Society for Wizards of the Coast, and DM of Idle Champions Presents and Legends of the Multiverse. He is also the Lead Designer of the Afrocentric multimedia project Into the Mother Lands RPG.

Purchasing this set directly supports B Dave, and all of the wonderful work he does!

Mintaka features sparkling black wisps and gold flakes with indigo ink and a fantasy font style, extended to include 4d6 and 2d20.


    • Black wisps with gold flakes and blue ink
    • Avalore dice corners are softened for beauty and refined tactile feel
    • Extended 11 piece RPG dice set
    • Premium sizing using our exclusive Avalore style
    • Made of specialized acrylic polymer

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Warren Sligh
    I LOVE Avalore dice, but...

    I have numerous sets of Avalore dice, and I love them and can't recommend them highly enough (seriously, 12/10!) But as much as I wanted to like this set, the contrast on the numbers just isn't quite enough. Even though it only takes an extra half second to see the roll, those extra seconds add up and it can slow down encounters, etc. Definitely check out some of the other Avalore sets, however, they're amazing!

    Ryan H.
    Always reliable and quick!

    Dice are beautiful and I've always enjoyed the customer service from this company!

    Sarah K

    11pc RPG Set - Avalore Mintaka for B Dave Walters

    Quinn Peterson
    Fantastic Dice

    The lettering is a little dark, but a bright light fixes it right up.

    Nils Bäsmann
    Best dice ever bought.

    I love my Dice especially the tohaa one.

    One Thing! I would love a lighter colour on my 11 dice Set. They are sometimes Bad to read.

    11pc RPG Set - Avalore Mintaka for B Dave Walters

    11pc RPG Set - Avalore Mintaka for B Dave Walters

    Regular price   $19.95 Sale price   $18.95

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