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Tags:  Dark/black,  Polymer,  Resin,  Rogue,  Translucent,  Whiteink,  Wisp

These translucent dice look like a wisp of black smoke, or a piece of a dark spirit, trapped by some wizard into polyhedric shapes.

Black Wisp is a great D&D Dice Set for spellcasters, rogues, or any other character harboring a darker inner world.


• Material: Transparent resin with swirls of black
• 7 piece dice set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers painted in white
• HDN-01



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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Love these

This was a christmas gift for my friend playing a warlock, he LOVES them! They look wonderful and roll well. 100% would recommend

A Handsome Set of Dice

It was a cold evening when I got these dice, it being late in November. I stealthy took them to my room, as no one was to know what I had got myself. As I carefully opened the package, they revealed themselves: dice with swirls of black ink, suspended in a translucent matrix, and cold to the touch. As I wiped away the fog on the faces to further reveal the wisps, I thought of something. There was something about these dice. Something infinite. Something beautiful. Something dangerous. A lot could happen because of these dice. They could cause the creation of friendships or the death of heroes; The forging of alliances or the destruction of cities. All because of one roll from one of these dice. I smiled as I picked up the d20, and rolled it to set my "first impression" bias. It was a 3. Hm. Oh well.

In all seriousness, I could not be more excited for these to be one of my first set of dice. They are fascinating to look at and are well constructed. I enjoyed the extras that Die Hard added (an intro to DMing and an extra d6), as well as the thoughtful note I got on my packing slip (although I am unsure how a wizard can cast bless on dice if they are not a cleric). I am looking forward to using these dice as both a DM and a player.


I got these dice for my friend as he likes playing rogue characters and they are absolutely stunning. He was so happy with them and they perform so well. DieHard is definitely my favorite place to go for dice

Perfect for Rogue - Empfehlenswert!

I ordered the dice to Germany. First of all, they look very good and go well with Rogue. The enclosed shadow is successful. The shipment to Germany went without any problems - recommendable!

Ich habe die Würfel nach Deutschland bestellt. Zuerst, die Würfel sehen sehr gut aus und passen gut zum Rogue. Der eingeschlossene Schatten ist gelungen. Der Versand nach Deutschland verlief ohne Probleme - Empfehlenswert!

Love the wisp series

Now if they would come out with a smoke/steam wisp to contrast the black wisp...and extra d6s. =)