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Your heritage is the potent blood of dragons! While wizards waste away studying in towers, you were born with the awesome power to sustain life - or snuff it out! Some think your casting is limited, but it is merely focused. Instead of playing along magic's gossamer surface with a wide array of casual cantrips, you go deep, straight to the source of magical might. Unlimited cosmic power wells up within your soul - it's at your fingertips, if you have but the will to wield it.

Adventure Packs are designed to provide a themed dice experience. In this case, the Sorcerer has many orange and red dice, evoking the dragonfire coursing through their veins. Unleash your birthright!

Each pack comes with the following: (please note - the dice are randomly selected by our goblins using colors and styles that fall within the specific class theme. Each pack will have variation.)

1 Metal d20

1 Full 7-piece polymer set

1 7-piece set of random dice (includes d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d%, d20 of varying colors/styles)

1 Small velvet bag that perfectly fits your new rollers



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Customer Reviews

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Great Mix

I heard about how amazing DieHardDice is from the DnD Reddit. The color scheme for the original set is beautiful and the random set really complemented it and added a very crystalline and mystical feel that will also be very versatile for other characters I'd like to make. 10/10 would buy again.

Mystery Dice are DnD Christmas presents that happen all year

Bought this pack and the bard pack and both are absolutely amazing. I love the complete set (a lovely orange and yellow mix) and the random set is awesome and I've got all sorts of ideas for a character to match the dice <3