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Mystery Charity Bundle - Charles Alston

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Charles Alston is one of Die Hard’s oldest and dearest friends. He was recently diagnosed with blood cancer, and we wanted to help him and his family as best we can. Charles was a major contributor to Die Hard’s early success, so we’re putting together a bundle of products to honor his life and legacy. All proceeds from this bundle will go directly to Charles and his family. In this bundle you’ll find:

  • 4x Mistborn d6s: Metal d6s for the ‘Mistborn Adventure Game’.

  • 1x Dwarven Forge Horizon dire d20: An oversized d20 that features a landscape scene around the die.

  • 1x Multiclass d20 ‘Enthrall’: Our ‘Enthrall’ multiclass d20 - due to QC issues, it is incompatible with other multiclass dice.

  • 1x Dice Pendant: A prototype of an incoming dice pendant accompanied by 3 mystery Avalore d20s that fit the pendant.

  • 1x Bag of Hoarding: A mystery color of our high quality velvet dice bag.

  • 1x Experiment 10 - Frameworks: Experimental dice that feature a unique frame.

  • 2x 7-piece Polymer RPG Set: Partner polymer RPG sets that were QC failed, but still look great.

  • 1x 7-piece Unreleased Avalore:  A beautiful prototype that was not feasible to produce at scale.
  • 1x Mystery DHD Prototype: Oversized d20s, resin 7-piece sets, Experimental Aluminum, or even a 100mm MONOLITH d20, there’s one piece of DHD history unique to each box.

  • Uninked Loose Avalore: A scoop of uninked Avalore dice that you and your party can color however you like.

LEGENDARY TREASURE - For every 50 Mystery bags sold, one lucky adventurer will find a 100mm MONOLITH d20 inside their package! Will you be the one to find this legendary item? 

The contents of each Mystery Bag is valued at over $150 

In addition to the bundle, we also urge you to check out and consider donating to Charles GoFundMe for more information on Charles and his condition.


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A Die Hard Legend

Charles Alston

Charles was among the very first wave of hires at Castle Die Hard. A technical writer by trade, he created many of our product descriptions and helped craft the lore and voice of Castle Die Hard.

Without his deep knowledge and affinity for the Mistborn RPG by Crafty Games, the Metal Mistborn Dice Kickstarter wouldn't have happened.

Even after leaving the castle for another job, he would return regularly to GM one-shots and teach us about the latest RPG systems coming out.

Charles has always been there for us, and we want to be there for him when he needs it most.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rohan Conde
Holy Sh*t

First of all I would like to give my outmost thank you to Tennessee Smith for making sure my order arrives early since I have a flight to catch the next day. Secondly, holy F*ck sh*t balls I did not expect to get the monolith dice. This made my entire day and I would like to emphasize again on how amazing their customer service is.

Amazing Bundle

I know it's random, but it honestly feels like someone handpicked items they knew I would love. There are so many cool dice in this bag, and even the bag itself is lovely. I am so happy with my bundle. Don't miss out on this one, folks. Seriously. It's a great deal for a great cause.


A great package of surprise items, I love it!

Mystery Charity Bundle - Charles Alston

Mystery Charity Bundle - Charles Alston


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