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D&D Dice Roller

Roll a D20 as big as a treasure chest, or dozens of D20s at the same time!  Welcome to the Dungeons and Dragons Dice Roller in the virtual Fungeon of Castle Die Hard!  The dungeon scene below is our first online dice throwing room, currently featured in the roller on this page is our Lumina Carbon Knight D&D dice set.  Have fun!  

Virtual Dice Roller set in a dungeon scene, for throwing beautiful Die Hard Dice in cyber space!
Want to roll these Mythica Platinum Aquamarine dice?  Click to our other virtual dice roller!

A D&D Dice Roller, and an app coming soon?

Yes, it might seem strange that Die Hard Dice would be making an app for rolling virtual dice, considering we are a company that designs and sells physical dice.  

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Mystery Bag
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7pc RPG Set - Drakona Khaos Aether
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7pc RPG Set - Drakona Khaos Hemera
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7pc RPG Set - Arcane Reticle

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