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Tags:  Acrylic,  Bundle,  Goldink,  Opaque,  Polymer,  Swirl

This is a collection of six of our swirl w/ gold colors with a satin-lined velvet bag. This bundle includes one of each of the following sets:
Red Swirl, Blue Swirl, Green Swirl, Purple Swirl, Smoke, and Pearl.


• Material: Swirled colored acrylic
• 7 piece dice set (6 sets)
• Standard, 16 mm size
• Numbers inked in gold
• Bundle includes HDP-16, HDP-18, HDP-14, HDP-15, HDP-19, HDP-02





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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Amazing Company, Amazing Dice

DHD went above and beyond with my order! They wrote a hand written note on the receipt, and all the dice are amazing quality. This set is perfect and you can't beat the price. Will definitely buy more dice from DHD!

Great dice

No complaints, aside from the velvet bag missing. But I was buying dice, not a bag, so I'm not torn up that it wasn't included.

Fun fact, I tested the dice using the sugar-water method and initially thought that the majority of my dice were extremely off-balanced and biased, but after finding an excel sheet ( and putting in the raw data from a couple hundred rolls, I discovered that the sugar-water test created tons of false-positives, and that all the dice I tested actually perform with a statistically insignificant degree of bias. If you ever get complaints from people using a sugar or salt-water test, maybe suggest to them that it's a surprisingly impractical method for testing.

In other words, I statistically proved that your dice are awesome. Thank you!


These people are so thoughtful and efficient. They had a nice little note and threw in some dice for free. Truly a special company that has the rest of my dice related purchases.


They look so nice and feel good when they roll. This was the next set on the way to owning them all. Thanks so much for the gifts as always. This company is the best.

Great dice from a great company!

Ordered these as my first dice for getting into D&D. Got a hand written note along with some bonus goodies which was such a pleasant surprise. Shipping was fast in the US!