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7pc RPG Set - Avalore Talisman Bastion

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  • Soft Gray with swirls with black ink
  • Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improve rolling, and kindness to tables
  • Traditional 7 piece RPG dice set
  • Premium sizing using our exclusive Avalore style
  • Made of specialized acrylic polymer for our Talisman dice family

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Marlaina Juhlke
Fantastic service and product

Absolutely love the dice, particularly the sharp edges, that paired with the marble-esque swirl patterns makes for some pretty stunning math rocks. I'm not a bot I swear.

Danielle Johnson

I ordered two sets of dice (the Avalore Talisman Bastion & Elessia Essentials - Pink with White) and both were absolutely stunning. My partner's Avalore Talisman Bastion set have a very subtle swirling effect save for the D20, which looks like it was crafted out of pure marble. My Elessia Essentials dice are a dreamy pink with swirl patterns not unlike what you would see in nail polish pouring videos. We were also lucky enough to be gifted a second Elessia Essential set (Black with White), which are also lovely. Overall, we are extremely pleased and cannot wait to order more dice (looking at you Elessia Essentials White with Black and Elessia Moonstone Rumara with White)!

The 12 Sides of Christmas

My second time ordering from Die Hard and it was just as fantastic as the first. The Avalore Talisman Bastion set was part of a larger order. All the dice were shipped with care, arrived with some unexpected goodies, and are well made. The contrast of the black numbering on the smoky white die of the Avalore set is eye-catching. Many of the dice and bags in the order were gifts, and all were a big hit. But why settle for a few words, when I can use even more words. Here's a little narrative that I think captures the experience.

T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house
The monsters were stirring... they all wanted out!
The dice sets from Die Hard were under the tree
Would their unwrapping delight or bring misery?
While the children long-rested, all snug in their beds
Santa's Elves stood their watch... there was nothing to dread.
The kids donned their robes before the first light of day,
And surrounded the gifts; they were prepped for melee.
Shreds of paper flew 'round like a blustery snow
Then they unwrapped their dice, all their faces aglow.
On Elessia, Mythica, On Avalore,
Now soft velvet dice bags, rare gifts, and more!
They sprang from the floor and went straight to the table,
The party, now gathered, was ready, and able
And the DM exclaimed at this wonderful sight
Say "Thank You" to Die Hard, and to the monsters "Let's fight!"

asaf rodenscky
Probably the best set i owned in years

it's hard to find a truly balanced set of dice these days. Avalore have proven again and again to have both balance and the correct weight to give the desired experience. one does not blame the dice with this prodeuct.
Bravo Die hard dice for this lovely Product! finally someone who truly cares about quality.

Paul G

Fun to roll, easy to read, feel good in the hand, subtle marble pattern. What more do you want in a dice set?

7pc RPG Set - Avalore Talisman Bastion

7pc RPG Set - Avalore Talisman Bastion

Regular price   $14.95 Sale price   $12.95

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