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7pc RPG Set - Elessia - Elf Queen with Black

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Elessia dice are a new, softer design from Die Hard Dice! Similar to our Avalore shape, Elessia dice feel like smooth river stones shaped by ancient waters over centuries.


  • Softer, rounded edges of our Avalore design
  • Avalore font in high contrast colors for easy readability
  • Glimmering pearly white swirls with black ink
  • Standard 7 piece RPG set

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Ed Warnken
Killer Dice!

These dice are amazing! I gave a few sets as gifts to my DnD friends and they loved them. One friend rolled nat20 two times in a row with them. They are easy to read and fell great when rolling them.

I don't think I've seen a dice set for $7 that could touch these

I got these as a free gift from DHD from a larger order a couple years back but hadn't opened them until this week. My long running campaign fell apart, but we're starting a new one soon (shame too because I had just bought another dice set for that character). I'm playing a Paladin so it seemed a great time to unwrap these, and I'm thrilled. This is already my favorite shape and style from them (Elessia), and they're just so pretty and easy to read. Only tiny nit pick would be that as with a lot of these lines you do get a more pearlescent side of the die and another side that has less of that look under direct light. I assume when they're poured the components contributing to that just settle a bit at the bottom. But it doesn't really affect my enjoyment of them, and I'm sure you could scarcely tell just rolling them around in your tray or on your table. Also note the dice are less warm and more pure white in real life with a little more pearl effect than you see in the photo. Anyway it sounds crazy but they give me a small amount of joy in what has been a rough month. So anyway I'm off to figure out my character's name and finish the backstory.

Bran S
Great dice for a great price

The font size and style is easy to read, and the pearlescent shimmer is subtle and doesn’t detract from readability like can happen with other dice. I have a lot of dice I love, but these have become my primary set.

Great dice

These have super cool numbers on them, and with the black inking on the white dice they are easy to read and look great.

Billy Hamilton

7 Piece RPG Set - Elessia - Elf Queen with Black

7pc RPG Set - Elessia - Elf Queen with Black

7pc RPG Set - Elessia - Elf Queen with Black

Regular price   $8.95 Sale price   $6.95

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