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Tags:  Acrylic,  Bundle,  Opaque,  Polymer,  Pride,  Rainbow,  Whiteink

Seven great looking sets from our Swirl w/ White collection and a satin-lined velvet bag.

Enough dice to cast "Rainbow Bridge to Awesomeness" at Level 3.

    Red Swirl, Blue Swirl, Dark Green Swirl, Purple Swirl, Orange Swirl, Yellow Swirl, Pink Swirl, all with white ink.


    • Material: Swirled Acrylic
    • 7 piece dice set
    • Standard, 16mm size
    • Numbers painted in white
    • Bundle includes HDP-05 (Red), HDP-04 (Blue), HDP-07 (Dark Green), HDP-03 (Purple), HDP-11 (Orange), HDP-09 (Yellow), HDP-12 (Pink)



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    The Best

    My second set and wow are they stunning.....can't wait for my third

    Great Dice! Received gift as well!

    Very good looking dice, great quality and they added several dice as a gift as well along thank you letter! I will buy from die hard dice in near future again!

    Pleasantly Surprised

    I kept seeing all the 5 star reviews and was cautiously optimistic. Ordered this 7 set, a torched finish d20, rolling tray, and another bag. It arrived in 6 days internationally which is amazing! Dice are great quality, and the colour on these dice are so rich and vibrant. Definitely one of my new favourite companies. Their handwritten notes with the purchase buy you into the company, and establish a personal connection, so thank you Diehard Chuck and the rest of you there, you are all great.

    Absolutely Excellent

    Not only are the dice of fantastic quality, not only is the customer service out of this world, not only is the shipping prompt, but they also include a very punny handwritten note and a gift!

    Left me Speechless

    While browsing through to pick my dice I noticed that surprisingly it was all a good deal and pretty cheap. At first I was worried about the quality, but I said what the heck they look pretty good. When the dice arrived in the mail I noticed that there was a hand written comment thanking me for purchasing the dice. It made me happy to see that Die Hard cared about their clientele so I was ecstatic to see my dice. I had the 7 set rainbow swirl and they were absolutely gorgeous. I was in awe the dice were absolutely beautiful. Also since I was first time buyer and told them how I found their site they threw in an extra set of dice and 1 metal 6 sided dice to try out. I was amazed and I definitely enjoyed the metal dice! Thank you so much! I plan on buying from Die Hard all the time and definitely referring my friends here!