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Your primal connection to nature binds you to the wilds, and you feel the heartbeat of every tree and stream. When you call, the forest itself responds, and every woodland creature comes to your aid. As shapeshifting steward you will be called upon to protect nature's sanctuaries, ferocious and untamed

Adventure Packs are designed to provide a themed dice experience. In this case, the Druid has many light green and orange dice, symbolic of their unity with the natural world and the environmental empowerment granted these grassland guardians. Become nature's wrath!

Each pack comes with the following: (please note - the dice are randomly selected by our goblins using colors and styles that fall within the specific class theme. Each pack will have variation.)

1 Metal d20

1 Full 7-piece polymer set

1 7-piece set of random dice (includes d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d%, d20 of varying colors/styles)

1 Small velvet bag that perfectly fits your new rollers



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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Excellent quality

Love the dice. Especially love the metal d20, makes me want to get a set of metal dice. Great customer service as well, would definitely buy from here again and recommend. Thanks!

Great Dice

Love the dice. Got here quick and had some cool freebies.


Loooooove it!!

Even better than pictured

The dice arrived and were even nicer than the item picture! They have a nice weight to them, and are nicely balanced. I got these for my boyfriend for his birthday, and hard dice sent a lovely birthday card for him as well. I cannot recommend these dice enough. This set is also a great price for the value!

Great Gift! Unfortunately.

I got the Druid pack for my spouse, who made all the requisite vocalizations of gratitude. Which is a shame, honestly, because otherwise I would have kept this set for myself, despite not having any particular use for dice. They are very pretty. (The metal die, especially, was a big hit.)