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As a Holy Avenger (the original +5 sword), the mere presence of this angelic artifact strikes fear in the devilish and demonic. Only the purest of hearts can wield this beacon of hope, but to such is granted the power to destroy darkness and obliterate evil in all its forms.


Excellent heft, and authoritative feel when rolling
• Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improve rolling, and kindness to tables
• Solid metal, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
• Electroplated with a shiny gold finish
• Each face is hand painted with our new white glitter inlay technique
• 11 Piece Set - Standard 7 piece RPG dice set with an additional d20 and 3 d6s



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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Peter Jones
Fantastic set of dice

These dice are excellent. They look amazing, have a wonderful weight and heft to them, and are just incredibly satisfying to roll. And my first game with them, no joke, I rolled 7 natural 20s. That is just good karma there. But seriously, really great dice and excellent service.

Nicholas Charlovich

The dice are very nicely crafted and roll really well.

Nichole Bates-Dziadosz
Beautiful Dice

These dice feel great, my wife and I love them. They roll very well, and the numbers are even more visible than the images show them to be. A must for anyone playing a paladin, lawful cleric or fighter.

Patrick Kevlahan

legit best dice ive bought

Salvatore Grillo
As great as the pictures show

Not only do these dice look great, they are super weighty and feel sturdy. Plus, it’s always nice rolling them and hearing the thunk they make when the hit the table. Definitely pick these up!