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Tags:  Battleworn,  Blackinlay,  Classic,  Copper,  Enamel,  Metal

The Die Hard Dice Battleworn series is for the true die hard gamer. There will be no mistaking these for a set of plastic dice. Before even touching them you know they mean business.


  • • Excellent heft, and authoritative feel when rolling
  • • Solid metal dice, die-cast non-toxic Zinc alloy
    • Electroplated with a battleworn copper finish
    • Each number contains a black enamel inlay for maximum readability
    • Standard 7 piece RPG dice set, standard size, sizing details below



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Best Anniversary Present Ever!

    My wife ordered me a set of the battleworn copper for our anniversary. She said their customer service was phenomenal. They even apologized in advance for the dice being late because of other commitments and yet the dice arrived ahead of schedule.

    The dice are gorgeous.

    My only issue is that my 3 year old daughter has already laid claim to the complimentary set of regular dice that was included.

    Great dice, great people

    The quality of the dice is wonderful, and the satisfaction of rolling a heavy metal dice is something you have to experience. I also received a hand written note from Jessie which is something I will not soon forget.

    Amazing quality and service

    The dice are absolutely beautiful and have a satisfying heft to them that I love. When I mentioned that I would be using them for my first ever DnD campaign, they pitched in an extra full set of polymer dice free of charge 'in honor of the occasion' with a hand-written note. Will absolutely be coming back when I want another set, to support this friendly company and to get some more absolutely top-quality dice.

    Favorite set by far

    I ordered this set a couple of weeks ago and I've been using these dice to match my Maul and Polearm fighters in two separate games: I absolutely love them. Feels amazing just rolling them. Extremely well balanced and durable dice. Beautiful dice, I definitely recommend these to anyone wanting a special set for that special character. And if you haven't ordered from Todd and Jessie before, please do! I was impressed with how quickly they shipped and with the little note they left in my package. 10/10!

    Good customer service

    Good quality dice too