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In the secret basement of Castle Die Hard, behind a sliding bookcase, you have found a chest full of the source of dice summoning magics, the fabled Dice Summoning Component! You just have to give these to Miraculous Maximus and he will be able to cover them in chocolate and squeeze the magic bellows and *poof*! The dice you desire shall magically spring into being!


If you stumbled on this page and aren't sure what Dice Summoning Components are, then <handwave> these are not the dice you're looking for...

Behold! These components are full of powerful magics! DO NOT BUY THESE COMPONENTS unless someone in the castle told you that it is the right time to cast the magic spell to summon your dice. The moons must be aligned correctly and you must use the right words in order for the magic to work!



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Potential unlike anything ever imagined!

I was told to come here and make my wishes known.


How could I possibly have prepared myself to receive EVERYTHING I dared wish for?