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PLEASE NOTE: All Die Hard metal dice sets come with a free case, so you don't have to buy it separately unless you need to store other dice.

The foam cuts are a little too tight for storing polymer dice, which may be better stored in one of our Velvet/Satin dice bags.


• Fully detachable lid that doubles as a miniature rolling tray
• Protects dice, to help prevent wear and tear
• Foam keeps dice snug and organized

Foam Options

7 Slot Foam - Holds a standard 7 piece set (d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, d20)
11 Slot Foam - Holds a standard 7 piece set, or can be turned up to 11 (Additional d20, 3d6 storage)
12d6 Slot Foam - Holds 12 d6s or other dice
6d6 Slot Foam - Holds 6 d6s or other dice

Please leave an order note saying which foam you would like. If not specified, the 7 Slot Foam is the default.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Fantastic Product and People

The tin is great. My metal dice fit snugly and don't jostle around at all. The personalized note and gift of dice was a great surprise. I will definitely be purchasing from Die Hard Dice again.

Amazing Case, Bad Foam

As the title says, the case is amazing. However, it was cut promptly with the literally poor foam cuts for the dice. At first, I paid no mind to how poorly cut they were, but when a sibling bought the same exact case, I noticed that their foam cut-out was more uniform compared to how mine looked like it was cut free-hand.

Amazing dice and even more

Amazing dice and even more amazing customer service. Thanks again!

Great dice storage

This is the best dice storage. The cases are very nice and sturdy and the foam inserts are high quality.

Dice storage

The best way to store your metal dice while not in use.