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$290.95 $149.99

The Best Value in Polymer Dice!

Deep beneath the foundations at Castle Die Hard, the dragons jealously guard their hoard- but enterprising Dice Goblins have carried back bits of loot to the treasury and want to share with you!

20 sealed full sets of dice including all 14 brand new Untamed acrylic dice sets AND a set of Purple Moonstone, Divination, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox, and Hakura! Weighs approximately 1.5-2 pounds depending on composition.


$9.95 $5.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Tristan Orlofski
Don’t go anywhere else

Die hard dice continues to be the only company I will order from. Customer service that goes above and beyond, amazing dice, and a true passion for TTRPGs pervades. What more do you want?

Kaitlyn Morris
Want to feel like a literal dragon?

Great collection with a variety of dice colours! There's a set in the trove to suit any character and a nice variety of dice styles. Also: opening all the sets and seeing them piled high in the box made me feel like a dragon with my very own dice hoard.

Caleb Olmore
Very high quality product

I'm very impressed with this product, as well as the prompt delivery time. Although about 6 sets are different colors of the exact same set, they are all well made and of solid build. If you are considering buying this, I think it is very well worth it :)

Akira Sadoy-Neuhaus
Loved it!

The dice were super cute and fun, especially the clear/translucent coloured rimmed pieces and of course the seasonal dice. Overall was very lovely and the gift I received I adore! I will for sure be buying again from dieharddice in the future!

Sabrina B.
Amazing value and beautiful dice

Die hard can do no wrong, I love everything they send me. Great customer service, too!