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Experiment 010 - Frameworks Dice

Experiment 010 - Frameworks Dice



“The magic of the Dreamscape is within reach, though something’s not quite right. I was able to harness it but the cages aren’t as sturdy as I hoped. I seem to have miscalculated the strength needed to contain this power.”
-Experiment 010 Lab Notes


Moonstone Dreamwalker is back with a new style in our Avalore design with golden metal frames to match their golden numbers! These purple-toned dice catch the light and amplify it to reflect hues of deep purple, blue, teal, and shimmering gold.


DISCLAIMER: This set of dice was made using new techniques that resulted in some imperfections. Occasionally, the metal frames around the exterior of the dice may separate if dropped or rolled onto hard surfaces. Should this happen we have included information on how to repair them with every set and are always available if you need additional support. While these dice make a unique display piece, they can also be used for game play. We recommend using a plush rolling surface like our Magnetic Trays which work great for protecting against damage to these dice or damage to your tables from heavier metal dice.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Robert Kussmann
A unique set of dice

I ordered a set as a gift originally, but they seemed real neat so I got a set for myself, as well. The frames are metal, but they're very light since the actual dice are plastic within the frame, which makes them fun to use.

Additionally, I like how the set came with instructions for dealing with frames popping off, since it did end up happening when one of the dice fell off my desk (my bad, and the frame probably wouldn't have come off otherwise). Overall a unique and fun set of dice.

Oh, Pickles.
Lovely Design, Worrisome Structure

I loved the colours & how they'ed shift in the light; and the big thick gold frames really make the design pop. They definitely stand out from my other dice. However, they don't have the weight I'd expect; the frames make the die look a size larger than normal, but since it's really just an outline - and cast in aluminum or some similarly light material - it feels almost disappointingly light; which leads me to be afraid that it isn't as hardy as many of my other dice. Absolutely gorgeous, but seem more fragile than I'd hoped.

Cool idea

I love the galaxy look and 3D framing is a really cool idea.
They are lighter than I expected (lighter than normal metal dice but still heavier than plastic) and feel a little hollow but I think that's just part of the experimental design.
Overall fun set of dice.

Hannah Ruyle

Beautiful, well made, and rolls nicely

Gabriel Marceau

Very fancy, very pretty dice