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Experiment 010 - Frameworks Dice

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“The magic of the Dreamscape is within reach, though something’s not quite right. I was able to harness it but the cages aren’t as sturdy as I hoped. I seem to have miscalculated the strength needed to contain this power.”
-Experiment 010 Lab Notes


Moonstone Dreamwalker is back with a new style in our Avalore design with golden metal frames to match their golden numbers! These purple-toned dice catch the light and amplify it to reflect hues of deep purple, blue, teal, and shimmering gold.


DISCLAIMER: This set of dice was made using new techniques that resulted in some imperfections. Occasionally, the metal frames around the exterior of the dice may separate if dropped or rolled onto hard surfaces. Should this happen we have included information on how to repair them with every set and are always available if you need additional support. While these dice make a unique display piece, they can also be used for game play. We recommend using a plush rolling surface like our Magnetic Trays which work great for protecting against damage to these dice or damage to your tables from heavier metal dice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
They Are Amazing

Even with the note that these are very experimental, they work very well for me. My dad's enjoying my other dice and the bonus pair given I gave to my mom who found them very pretty. Thank you so much for that. We haven't had time for another session as of yet but they're definitely enjoying it.

Interesting set!

Who doesn't love a good experiment? These dice are lighter than I anticipated, they feel hollow, but that's not a bad thing. You won't need to worry about them dinging up your table. The gold framework is metal, but the rest doesn't appear to be. I'm happy with them, and the gift included with my order was a great surprise! I also like that they include a "how to" in case they start to fall apart. Nice touch.

Some Guy on Chrome
Great gift!

My girlfriend really liked it! I have a soft spot for plastic/resin dice over metal. Die Hard really delivered.

Kyle Ryan
30th birthday present success!!

I always love purchasing from the team at Die Hard Dice! The Framework Dice came out beautiful, but I love all the extra effort that goes into packaging and showcasing the dice. All the little notes and personal touches make the dice feel extra personalized and completely shreds any "corporate nonsense". On top of the dice he loves the magnetic dice box I got along side these. The purple is super vivid and it should cushion the dice enough that it won't damage the frame around the dice. All in all an incredible buying experience from start to finish. Keep up the great work!!

Unique and surprising

Other reviews probably covered how awesome those dice are (and I 100% agree!), I'd only add that they also feel and sound really cool when you play with them in your hands!

Experiment 010 - Frameworks Dice

Experiment 010 - Frameworks Dice

Regular price   $39.95 Sale price   $20.20

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