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Our gemstone line has crossed over into Meeple land!

Our 6 piece set comes in a platinum silver metal finish, and are inlaid with the following colors: Onyx, Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst, Sapphire and Emerald. Each set also comes with our small velvet bag, to keep them safe and cozy.

Our metal meeples are the same size as standard meeples, at 16mm wide and 16mm tall.


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Customer Reviews

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Meeples that Make me Happy!

I have a meeple collection along with my dice collection. These meeples are the stars.

They have the same awesome gemstone-glitter as the DHD line of dice. The glitter shines so well in the light!

Since they are standard meeple-size, you can use them instead of regular meeples in board games. Hopefully I can get someone to play Carcassonne with me. I have played Forbidden island with them. An awesome addition.

Something so cute about them. They make me smile! I hope DHD is going to make even more meeples!

Meeples Add Color to your Campaign

The title pretty much says it all. They are colorful, have more weight and are more durable than my plastic figure.

Good and Accurate to Original Meeples

These are pretty and are accurate to the size, shape, and weight of the wooden meeples. Mine were lighter than I thought they'd be.