MTG Roll Down Counter - Shiny Gold with Blue

MTG Roll Down Counter - Shiny Gold with Blue

This unique take on a roll down counter is the direct result of our close relationship with Paragon City Games in Draper, Utah.

We looked at the current versions out there, and knew we could do better. The beauty of this counter is much deeper than just how gorgeous and heavy it is, but the custom number layout.

Official MTG counters cluster five numbers at the top, five numbers at the bottom, and 10 numbers running along the center line. The top and bottom sets are easy to spin through, but the 10 in the center have each number alternating 180 degrees, causing you to have to rotate the die half of the time to make sure it faces you correctly.

The layout designed and tested by Paragon City Games is different. Every time you rotate it, it will always be a consistent motion. Shift it over, and rotate clockwise slightly, every time. On top of that, the numbers snake around the die, leaving the 1 face adjacent to the 20 face, making a game reset one quick motion away.

Our Roll Down counters are 25mm from face-to-face, which is 5mm larger than a standard die.


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Customer Reviews

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weighs a ton

bought one of these at some random shop for half the price here and I will say its a really nice die. Is it actually official MTG? idk but it'd work for anything just be careful you don't accidentally roll it off the table, it has a lot of momentum. The blue color is also quite nice and royal looking, goes well with the gold.

Awesome life counter.

Something really loved about the mtg life counter. Its harder to nock over, ( cause every lgs has one of those hyper players)

Oh oh oh and its shiny and rolls like thunder across the table.