Created in collaboration with Kelli The Opera Geek! Hold in your hand he raw power of deep emerald dice that shimmers and shifts in various lighting: Aria, inked in a fiery, rich, metallic copper and Cadenza, uninked for your own creations, are ready for your next rolling adventure! Each set comes with a unique sticker celebrating The Opera Geek's most beloved familiar, Scotty, and her logo! Learn more here!


  • Emerald dice with shimmering brass, uninked
  • Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improve rolling, and kindness to tables
  • Traditional 7 piece RPG dice set
  • Premium sizing using our exclusive Avalore style 
  • Made of specialized acrylic polymer

Pre-Inked: Avalore Enchanted Cadenza comes uninked. If you would like the inked version, view Avalore Enchanted Aria here!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Clara Henebury

These dice are an absolutely gorgeous colour-still deciding what colour to paint the numbers but I'm narrowing it down!

Avalore Enchanted

Great set!! The colors look great and roll very well.

Jessica curtis
Project dice avalore

I love the detail of these dice and the option to color the number myself and the sharper edge than normal dice just make these stunning

Amanda Cervantes
So pretty

I love the color and the shape so much!

Beatrice Endring
Avalore Enchanted Cadenza

The dice are absolutely beautiful, and the friend I ordered them for loves them. He's been agonizing over what color to ink them since they arrived and is honestly considering _not_ inking them because he loves the shade of green and how they look as-is.

Additionally, I appreciate the note and the freebies that were thrown in. I had forgotten about the small survey I'd taken when ordering, so they were a touching surprise.