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Tags:  Acrylic,  Blue,  Goldink,  Marble,  Opaque,  Polymer


• Material: Light and medium blue acrylic
• 7 piece dice set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers painted in Gold
• HDB-15



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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Not a perfect match, But still Lovely!!

The color wasn’t exactly like the website had depicted, but I still enjoyed the pattern overall. Well designed and balanced rolling on all dice in the set. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for quality dice at a fair price.

First Set of Dice!

I purchased these a month or so ago! They came in about a week and my set included six free dice, samples of other styles and I love them! The Clouds set are really nice, and I'm so excited to get to roll with them for my first time playing with my brother-in-law! I'm so so jazzed and will certainly be buying another set for my fiance in hopes that he'll play with me too!

Beautiful dice

The dice look great and it came in great condition. The extra stuff they gave to my sister for her birthday were also very nice. I'd definitely buy dice from here again.

Nice but different than picture on website

my dice came and they are a lot darker in person because more of the darker blue is mixed into the design, which makes me a little sad because I like how light they were on the website, but they are still nice otherwise!

Color does not match

First of all, the dice are of great quality as I have come to expect from Die Hard Dice, but I was extremely disappointed with the color. They do not match the picture at all. The blue is considerably darker, extremely darker than the ones pictured. Not what I was expecting and I definitely don't like them nearly as much as the ones pictured. I'm going to give them as a gift instead of keeping them. Die Hard Dice is my number 1 favorite dice shop and I take every chance I get to share them.