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Tags:  Bestseller,  Glimmer,  Goldink,  Green,  Orange,  Polymer,  Resin,  Translucent,  Wisp


• Material: Transparent Resin with teal and orange wisps, and a hint of sparkles
• 7 piece dice set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers painted in gold
• HDI-11



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Customer Reviews

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Very nice dice (:

luminous koi dice

they are beautiful (better than the pictures online) and as always die hard did an excellent job of fulfilling my order and providing great customer service. My son loved the free dice set they sent along.(new teen aged dice goblin in training). Die Hard is on my short list of internet dice sellers that I recommend to my players because their customer service is next to none and the very best.

These dice look great!

The dice look good, the order was fulfilled quickly. and they even included a bonus set and a nice note!

Thank you Die Hard Dice!

I think there’s no other way to say this but thank you. There is no better way to start off a D&D beginner than with Die Hard’s premier line of dice. The dice which I’ve ordered, speckle and sparkle with gorgeous resin cast. They have been the envy of my group, and definitively speaking, Die Hard Dice will be and continues to be the first & last word in dice for Dungeons and Dragons.

From the time I’ve ordered the dice to when it landed on these sandy shores of Singapore, the company has gone above and beyond in providing the very best service it can. It is the little touches, with handwritten cards and responses to how we first bumped into their product that completed my impression of Die Hard Dice. They are by far, the best dice merchants I’ve dealt with in my years buying board games. I have never met a more committed and laudable customer service team so invested in reaching across the invisible proscenium of our screens and delivering stellar service.

Kudos to Die Hard Dice’s team, and their craft.

Thanks again!

yeah good

very good dice,, theyre very pretty and make my group jealous. the d20 was being mean to me last time so it has to spend the next session in dice jail but i’m very happy w the set. they came quickly and the very sweet customer service is a big part of what keeps me coming back. keep it up