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Tags:  Gradient,  Opaque,  Pink,  Polymer,  Pride,  Red,  Silverink

Four delicious red flavors of Starburst candy were minding their own business when all of a sudden that cruel sugar-free wizard from the Pink Swirl set came along and pressed them into dice molds!

This D&D dice set is a pretty good match for a Barbarian or Fighter, as well as anyone who will take up the quest to find and punish that sour wizard.


• Material: Layers of pink resin
• 7 piece dice set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers painted in silver
• HDL-06



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Customer Reviews

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My first time ordering from Die Hard, these pink dice are one of the many dice gifts for my friends. I see why these particular ones are a must have, they look quite edible (we are smart enough not to eat them)! I may buy some dice for myself in the future. Customer service was super responsive and I liked that they asked me to review my address before sending anything. I enjoyed the Christmas ornament & note with the package I ordered by the way, thank you.


RPG Set - Pink Gradient

Love these dice!

Bought these dice as a gift and couldn’t be happier, with each of the 4 layers ranging from a bubblegum pink to more of a dark fuschia easily visible on each die. DieHard customer service was extremely responsive regarding a change-of-address and they even sent along a hand-written note with an entire extra set of dice as well. Incredible.

Great dice! Everyone at our

Great dice! Everyone at our table is impressed by the cool gradient colors.

Amazing Service and Amazing Dice

Honestly one of my favorite sets of dice i've ever bought and the service and work this company puts into everything is absolutely great.
These dice have turned into a bit of a lucky set, they rarely low roll and they're my pride colors so i'm completely in love with them.