Project Dice 7 Piece RPG Set - Untumbled Glacial Moonstone

Project Dice 7 Piece RPG Set - Untumbled Glacial Moonstone

Please Note: These dice are intentionally left unfinished. They've been hand polished so they have sharp edges, but still require inking and a final polish to remove small defects. Proper safety equipment should be used when sanding polymer dice.


• Material: Acrylic with icy blue microglitter
• 7 piece dice set
• Standard, 16mm size
• Numbers unpainted
• Die Hard Dice Exclusive


Mystery Bag

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
The perfect beginning into dice polishing and inking!

If you're like me and want to get into customising dice without feeling overwhelmed then these are perfect for you! Honestly I can't stop just looking at them because they're so pretty on their own, but that's beside the point. If you want to get into polishing and inking but don't want the feeling of being overwhelmed with the whole process of dice making then this is the perfect entry point. I've picked up some sanding paper to really polish them up shiny before I ink them but honestly, I could use them as they are. The hardest part about these dice is committing to a colour for the numbers. (But it's gold because I'm a sucker for gold)~

Beautiful dice, had some inking issues

I love the dice. I was super excited to ink them! Unfortunately the acrylic paint marker I used seems to have bled into some hidden cracks in the dice around the numbers and they look pretty rotten. I'm not sure how to fix it but I still love the dice! They're great quality.

I fell in love with this set

I originally bought this set for sanding and polishing practice however, I ended up falling in love with the set as is. There are a few small sprue/support voids that would have probably been removed by the tumbling process but the dice have a great shine to them.

I love the sharp edges (even with the small void marks) and a few of the dice have a fine wavy pattern on them from the mold and I found this to make them super unique!


So pretty!!

Wonderful Project!

I waited so long with these in my cart, but I'm thrilled I finally got them. They polished up so beautifully, and the glitter gives them so much life. And of course, super quick shipping, a wonderful (calligraphy!) note, and shocking bonus dice in my box.