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Saesha Dice Palette from D4

Saesha Dice Palette from D4

D4 is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition live-play stream where Co-DMs, Dustin Fletcher and Devan Henderson, lead players Katie Adkins, Katie Downey, Patrick Logan, Ethan Monsour, and Raya Sunshine through the City of Splendors where they encounter fantastic sights, thrilling battles, and every mystery solved seems to reveal the presence of one greater. The dual DMs run the game simultaneously, playing off one another’s skills for bringing story and characters to life. Terrain maps and physical representations of in-game items are a common occurrence, adding a deeper immersive experience to every session.

Saesha Valispard (played by Katie Downey) is a young paladin of Oghma who aims to seek out knowledge and sees the good in everyone she meets. However the truth she finds out about herself may not be what she wants to know. Follow her on Twitter at


The Saesha Dice Palette from D4 includes the following:

Your purchase directly supports the D4 cast and crew!

Sticker Art: Adam Schumpert
Character Art: Josh Ketchun


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Cy Aerie
A wonderful selection

I absolutely loved the dice sets included! I love the variety of each set while also just working together color palette wise. The pictures do not do the sets justice! In person the sparkly parts really just SHOW. Absolutely love feeling like I’m holding small galaxies!

Emma Kang
Beautiful, very cool dice

I was ecstatic when my package arrived. I opened it and immediately knew I got my money’s worth. The dice palette is gorgeous, the metal d20 is so satisfying to roll. 10/10 would recommend