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Scoop of Fun - Chromatic Destiny Edition

Scoop of Fun - Chromatic Destiny Edition
The Scoop of Fun contains endless possibilities for you to create! This is the perfect tool to start your own dice inking journey. Create unique combinations yourself, or invite the whole party over for a fun new experience. These 18 ounces of random Avalore singles contain pieces that have never before been seen!

Don't know where to start with inking dice? Check out our inking resource page!

Includes one 18 oz scoop of random loose uninked Avalore singles inside of either a brown or purple medium velvet dice bag.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kristine V.
A fun surprise

The dice colours were all spectacular. I'm really excited to experiment with different ink to get some really cool looks! Definitely gets the creativity flowing. I ended up with about 100 dice, but my luck was pretty bad. Only got 3 d20s and 8 d6s, so I can't really make any nice colour coordinated sets with these. Most of what I got were d10s and d12s. Oh well, that's random for you! If you want consistency, there are plenty of other project dice on Die Hard Dice.

Melissa Proffitt
Good value for the money

I didn't have a good sense of how big this was, so I was pleasantly surprised at how many dice were in it. I also loved how many accidental "sets" there were, such as the twelve gray-marble finish d6s that all my kids fought over. I originally said I was disappointed in how there were only 5 d20s in the entire scoop, and Die Hard Dice contacted me and went to a lot of trouble to fix the problem, so in addition to liking this product, I am extremely impressed with the company's commitment to customer satisfaction. All in all, an excellent value for anyone wanting to ink their own dice.