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Introducing our new Scroll of Rolling, a portable hybrid of a rolling tray and dice storage in one snazzy package. The zippered pouch can hold 2 full 7-piece dice sets, and comes with a removable foam to help keep your dice padded and cozy. When not in use, the scroll is rolled up and secured with two snaps, ready to await your next adventure!

To open: Hold the scroll with your thumb directly below the snap and gently tug the tab with your free hand.


A dice rolling mat that can store a line of dice too!
• Sturdy PU leather
• Looks like a magic scroll when rolled up.


When rolled up, the scroll of rolling is a 10" x 2" diameter cylinder. When unraveled, the rolling surface is 10" x 13".


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Well designed and fashionable!

Bought this item recently and it turned out better than expected! The mat has decent thickness for rolling metal dice and is able to contain 2 dice sets comfortably inside. I would recommend to anyone interested!

Great product, could use one improvement.

I'd gotten 2 of these scrolls, one black and one tan, and I love the idea and the way they work. However, one part of then could be better. The clasps are magnetic with the nubs and indents being pretty shallow. Because of this, they're sometimes hard to close and keep closed. In my personal opinion, if die hard were to switch from magnetic clasps to snap-shut clasps, these scrolls would be perfect.

portable and functionable!

It's smaller than I expected but I don't know what I was expecting! It's the size of an actual scroll! It's beautifully made and I can see it lasting a long time, not to mention I'm super happy with the material on the inside of the scroll. It's soft so it won't scuff the dice but it's also not made of felt so my cat's fur won't get all over it like it did my dice tray!
I've been waiting for this to get back in stock for a long time and I'm so so happy I got to nab one before it sold out again! Can't wait to use it on my next adventure

Amazing Scroll of Rolling

I have 2 main sets of metal dice i take with me when i travel i always have to worry if they will mess up a table or not. But with this scroll i do not have that problem i know they will be safe and so will the hosts table.

Scroll of Rolling? More like Scroll of AWESOME!

When I first saw this advertised, I thought to myself 'Yes, I need this'! When I brought this lil beauty to my weekly game everyone was all over me like cheese on pizza. 'Man that is sexy.'...'Can I use that today?'...'Guess I'll have to buy me one too.' Were the words my fellow adventures used.