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Tags:  Blackinlay,  Classic,  D6,  Gold,  Highcontrast,  Metal,  Shiny

Shiny Gold D6 single.


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Customer Reviews

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My No. 1 Radiant Damage Die

I got one of these as a free extra they provided with an expensive 7 piece set. I gave the 7 piece set to my friend as a B-Day present, and kept the handful of extras they gave me. Totally worth the $40+ shipping across the border (I'm Canadian).

I kept it as one of my damage dice for different damage types. I use it for radiant damage.

It's a great die, but a smidgeon smaller than the standard Chessex 16 mm. I'd say that it's between 14 and 15 mm. Since I put it with the rest of my individual damage type dice in a Chessex dice box, it looks kind of small in comparison and it sits kind of loose, but that's hardly a problem.

How does it roll? I'd say that it's more fair than most of my Chessex dice, which, along with the fact that it's fairly heavy, indicates that it's solid metal all the way through. Because of its weight, it's always a pleasure to roll, and super satisfying to roll a 6. I'd buy a whole set, if I could afford it.

My experience with Die Hard Dice

They arrived quickly without flaw, and a nice personal message thanking me for previous comments. The dice are a dream to use. Heavy in hand, they roll well, and are balanced nicely. Shiny, and gold they are the envy of my friends. I use a scrap of leather to protect the table, as they are chunks of metal, and will ruin a surface otherwise, (and it's not my table most times.) I couldn't be happier with my dice, and I doubt I'll ever go back to polymer dice if I can at all help it.

great as always

great as always